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VisLab company is involved in basic and applied research developing machine vision algorithms and intelligent systems for the automotive field.It undertakes research in many disciplines like machine vision, pattern recognition, low-level image processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and real-time systems, but the main focus of the laboratory is to apply basic and advanced research to intelligent transportation systems and intelligent vehicles.


The company know-how is world renown and was mainly developed together with automotive companies for active/passive safety systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, perception of the automotive environment, up to completely automatic vehicle driving. Some examples are: lane detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, obstacle localization, sensor fusion with radar and laserscanner, night vision, start inhibit. The know-how includes: monocular, stereo, trinocular, up to tetra-vision systems, using daylight, Near Infrared, Far Infrared cameras; analog and digital cameras. You may download a brochure describing VisLab’s main experiences.

VisLab is now part of

VisLab is one of the key groups worldwide providing top-notch theoretical and applied research on Environmental Perception in many different fields, including Intelligent Vehicles, Building Automation, and Smart Surveillance. Thanks to its tight cooperation with top level companies in Europe, America, and Asia, VisLab has developed its own vision on products for different markets and offers a wide variety of perception and safety systems.

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During the past 20+ years, VisLab developed a number of vehicle prototypes integrating different functions, from ADAS to fully automated driving. In particular, the perception layer has attracted a lot of interest, together with the navigation layer. Vehicle detection, obstacle detection, pedestrian detection, lane detection, traffic sign recognition, and terrain mapping are only some examples of the capabilities which have been embedded on VisLab’s prototypes. At the navigation level, path planning and trajectory planning played basic roles in the development of the vehicles’ autonomous capabilities. VisLab is also mastering the required concepts for x-by-wire driving.

VisLab Logo


The VisLab logo represents the eye, which is the symbol of vision. The iris’ square shape represents the ‘artificial’ nature of the vision process that is the main focus of the Lab activity. The colors (yellow and blue) are Parma official colors.


VisLab was one of the first laboratories to invest on vision technologies on board of vehicles and its efforts are still contributing to shape the history of vehicular robotics. The application of vision systems on board of vehicles not only requires to fully dominate the latest vision technologies, but also have a deep knowledge of the key issues of this environment, such as calibration, illumination, noise, temperature, power consumption, as well as cost and installation requirements.


Mobile robotics is one of the key fields where VisLab’s experience in building robust and flexible systems has been successfully applied. This includes gearing autonomous robots moving inside the factory, as well as custom solutions for automated storage. VisLab worked on systems that were mainly vision based but some of them also included additional technologies such as laserscanners.

Historical Milestones


DEEVA – The new VisLab autonomous vehicle

On March 31, 2014, DEEVA – the new driverless vehicle prototype designed and realized by VisLab –
was presented to the media. DEEVA is a breakthrough in autonomous driving design since it integrates 20+ cameras and 4 laserscanners, while still looking like a normal vehicle.



PROUD – Public Road Urban Driverless-Car Test

On July 12, 2013, BRAiVE, VisLab’s most advanced autonomous car, drove in downtown Parma,
negotiating two-way narrow rural roads, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, artificial bumps,
pedestrian areas, and tight roundabouts. Everything with absolutely no human intervention for the first time ever!




The VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge

13.000 km, 3 months of trip…and no one driving! VisLab team set up an extended test of its technology: a trip between Parma, Italy, and Shanghai, China, in autonomous mode that ended at the World Expo;


Driverless Car Test – Highlight

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    • VisLab S.r.l.
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  • General Manager: Alberto Broggi

Legal data

    • VisLab S.r.l.
    • Registered address (sede legale): Parco Area delle Scienze 49, 43124 Parma
    • Tel: +39.0521.16023
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