About 3 months and more than 13.000 km after its launch, the VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge has got to its end. VIAC 4 autonomous electric vehicles, equipped to drive in leader-follower configuration from Italy to China, have reached Shanghai on October the 26th and paraded 2 days later at the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition.

The trip has been long and not without hard times but what a great experience to look back to!

Now, this extraordinary adventure concluded, the VisLab Team members should like to express their gratitude and appreciation to the VIAC project funders, partners and, hoping not to forget anyone, to all the single people without the help and support of which this challenge would certainly not have been neither as successful nor as unforgettable.


the European Research Council, Parma University Rector Prof. Ing. Gino Ferretti, Parma University Computer Engineering Department Director Prof. Giorgio Picchi, Overland, Piaggio, Thales, Topcon, IBM, Carrozzeria Bertazzoni, Enfinity, Cineca, leitmotivLab, ADVFapa, Giuseppe Tenti (Beppe), Gian Gregorio Carnevale (Gianni, il Generale!), Tomaso Bailo (Valerio), Pasquale Cirulli (Lino), Matteo Lisetti, Marco Di Domenico, Luciano Covolo, Luigi Ceresa (Gigi), Mario Cravero, Valerio Giavarini, Massimiliano Dall’Argine (Max), Silvano Limonta, Giovanni Salamone, Jean Michel Sartori, Luigino Del Pozzo, Patrick Bertoldo, Tommaso Miccoli, Francesca Boggio Robutti, Filippo Tenti, Olga Andryukhina, Andrea Croccolo, Hai-Ping, Paul, Atos Bertazzoni, Massimo Bertazzoni, Mirko Bertazzoni, Massimo Mora, Andrea Galeotti, Luca Massei, Giacomo Leone, Faredi Asher, Mark Pyne, Glenn Brown, Paul Galasso, Nicola Finardi, Giovanni Caterina, Corrado Berselli, Athos Pedroni, Paolo Vendruscolo, Marina Cassano, Paolo Federici, Davide Quagliotti, Nicola Palmarini, Marc Yvon, Amalia Murano, Nicoletta Meregalli, Oliver Rassat and his staff at the Shanghai Expo, all the friends, supporters and our website bloggers…

… a huge, overwhelming THANK YOU to you all!
And looking forward to share the next challenge very soon.

A presto!