About Us

Who’s VisLab

VisLab company is involved in basic and applied research developing machine vision algorithms and intelligent systems for the automotive field.

It undertakes research in many disciplines like machine vision, pattern recognition, low-level image processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and real-time systems, but the main focus of the laboratory is to apply basic and advanced research to intelligent transportation systems and intelligent vehicles.

The company know-how is world renown and was mainly developed together with automotive companies for active/passive safety systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, perception of the automotive environment, up to completely automatic vehicle driving. Some examples are: lane detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, obstacle localization, sensor fusion with radar and laserscanner, night vision, start inhibit. The know-how includes: monocular, stereo, trinocular, up to tetra-vision systems, using daylight, Near Infrared, Far Infrared cameras; analog and digital cameras. You may download a brochure describing VisLab’s main experiences.

The VisLab Logo

The VisLab logo represents the eye, which is the symbol of vision. The iris’ square shape represents the ‘artificial’ nature of the vision process that is the main focus of the Lab activity. The colors (yellow and blue) are Parma official colors.