VisLab Events

VisLab’s merger with Ambarella

[Jul 2, 2015] VisLab is proud to announce the merger with Ambarella.
For more details please check the official press release.

Keynote at VEHITS’15

[May 21, 2015]

Prof. Broggi gave a keynote speech at VEHITS 2015 in Lisbon on May 21, 2015, entitled ‘Vision-based Perception for Intelligent Vehicles’. The keynote was shared between the VEHITS, SMARTGREENS, and WEBIST conferences and all attendees had the chance to follow the presentation.

Prof. Broggi speaker at TED

[Apr 18, 2015]

Prof. Broggi delivered a TED talk on April 18. The presentation took place in Milano, Italy, at the TEDx Milano. The title of the presentation was “L’etica dell’automobile“. For more information, please refer to http://tedxmilano.it/ or check the presentation online at

Prof Broggi presenting at TEDx Milano

PhD Honoris Causa to Prof.Broggi

[Apr 3, 2015]

Honorary Doctorate
awarded in France
to Prof. Alberto Broggi

The prestigious award for lifetime achievement
by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Prof. Alberto Broggi, full professor with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Parma and CEO of VisLab srl, received the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Honoris Causa during an important ceremony on April 3, 2015 at INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) in Rouen, France. The Doctorate Honoris Causa is awarded by an institution of higher education to researchers who have distinguished themselves during their career. For the uniqueness of the academic and research topics related to those in which is involved the famous French research institute, INSA has decided to award this honor to Prof. Broggi.
Prof. Broggi’s long and thorough research, mainly focused on the application of computer vision in the field of intelligent vehicles, profoundly influenced the field of vehicular robotics worldwide and helped to define a number of milestones in autonomous driving internationally recognized by the scientific community.

Some basic techniques for the interpretation of the vehicle surrounding environment have been developed and demonstrated in real cases: the first test in the world (2000 km on Italian motorways) in semi-automatic mode with off-the-shelf and low cost components in 1998, the successful participation in the DARPA Challenges together with the most renowned research groups in the world, the first ever test of intercontinental autonomous driving (from Parma, Italy, to Shanghai, China, from July to October 2010), and finally the first test of autonomous driving in open traffic in urban environment in July 2013 with nobody in the driver seat.

Since 1998 Prof. Broggi has been ‘visiting professor’ for many times at INSA in Rouen, where he participated in the research as advisor and lecturer. The title of PhD Honoris Causa, conferred by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rewards and highlights the work, career, and emphasizes the personal involvement of Prof. Broggi in applied research conducted together with the LITIS laboratory (www.litislab.eu) at INSA in Rouen.
Held as part of INSA 30th anniversary celebrations with the Regional Council for Higher Education Mr. Yves Léonard and the Mayor of Rouen Mr. Yvon Robert participation, the doctorates conferment ceremony has been one of its main events.


Prof. A.Bensrhair with Prof A.Broggi

please check the Prof. Broggi’s Lectio Magistralis here

VisLab vehicles at MECSPE, Parma

[Mar 26, 2015]

From March 26th to 28th, 2015, VisLab is at MECSPE fair (Hall 3 Booth B03), displaying its new autonomous vehicle Deeva, together with an electric Porter.
VisLab new real-time embedded stereo camera system, 3DV-E, is presented as well.

VisLab on Report, RaiTre

[Dec 7, 2014]

On December 7, at 9.00 pm, a new episode of Report will be aired on RaiTre national television, featuring VisLab and its research on autonomous vehicles.

Prof Broggi at LA Auto Show

[Nov 19, 2014]

Prof. Broggi was a panelist at the LA Auto Show in the Connected Car conference.


A quick coverage of that event is available on VisLab’s YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/TheVisLabChannel

Prof Broggi interviewed at the LA Auto Show

The whole episode can be watched here: http://connectedcarexpo.com/panel-recap-pros-cons-connected-autonomy/

VisLab at Electronica, Munich

[Nov 11, 2014]

VisLab is at the ELECTRONICA fair in Munich from Nov 11th to Nov 12th, 2014 (Hall A2 Booth 461) , and

presents its new real-time embedded stereo camera system, 3DV-E.

VisLab at VISION, Stuttgart

[Nov 4, 2014]

VisLab is at VISION fair, Stuttgart, from Nov 4th to 6th, 2014 (Hall 1 booth 1D10).

VisLab showcases its new real-time embedded stereo camera system, 3DV-E, and Deeva autonomous vehicle.


Prof. Broggi IEEE Fellow 2014

[Oct 10, 2014]

Prof. Broggi has been recognized as one of the 3 new IEEE ITSS members that have been elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow in 2014. A plaque has been awarded to Prof. Broggi at the banquet dinner in Qingdao, China, during IEEE ITSC Conference 2014.


Prof. FeiYue Wang, ITSS General Chair, awards Prof. Bin Ning, Prof. Alberto Broggi, and Prof. Matthew Barth during the ceremony.

VisLab on popular TV program

[Oct 8, 2014]

VisLab’s vision systems (MYXTRY, short for My Xtra Eye) installed in Venice was used by popular TV program ‘Striscia la Notizia’ and demonstrated its functionality in detecting boats speeds. Check the online video of that episode.

3DV-E pre-orders start on Sept 26

[Sept 26, 2014]

Our new embedded device for 3D perception is now available on the market.

We are taking orders for the first batch of devices that will be available in November.
Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your 3DV-E from the first batch.


Check the 3DV-E page for additional information.

VisLab Invited talk at UBerkeley

[18 Sept 2014]

On September 18, prof. Broggi gave an invited talk at the Hyunday Center of Excellence at UC Berkeley, with the title “Activities on Autonomous Driving at VisLab”.

Keynote at EuroMicro DSD2014

[Aug 28, 2014]

Prof. Broggi to present a keynote at the EUROMICRO DSD/SEAA 2014 (Euromicro Conference series on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications, and Euromicro Conference on Digital Systems Design) on Aug 28, 2014, with title “Perception technology for automated vehicles”.

Please visit this page for furhter details.

‘Report’ (RAI TV) visits VisLab

[July 22, 2014]

On July 22, a team of RAI Italian Television visited VisLab laboratories and run intervies with most of the people involved in the innovative research that is conducted at VisLab.
The main focus of the interviews was to find how successful startups work in Italy and what are the main bottlenecks that inhibit the creation and development of new startups in this country.

The reporters also had the chance to run on some of VisLab’s vehicles in autonomous mode.

The TV program, named ‘Report’, will be aired by RAI3 in late october/early november.

Prof. Broggi testimonial for IEEE

[July 21, 2014]

Prof. Alberto Broggi was recently interviewed by many journalists on the many aspects of autonomous driving and driverless cars. Prof. Broggi is a testimonial for IEEE and has been highly cited in many media articles.
Some of the most recent are:


Car Talk:

and The Detroit Bureau:

These outlets have combined reach of more than 2.8 million readers.

Driverless Car Confessions (by IEEE)

Prof. Broggi panelist at TRB

[July 15, 2014]

Deeva’s innovative perception system was presented at the TRB meeting on vehicle automation that took place in San Francisco, July 15-18, 2014. In the panel Prof. Broggi addressed the main challenges in perception for vehicle automation.

Prof. Alain Kornhauser, in his Smart Driving Cars newsletter, cited Alberto’s talk as one of the highlights of the Symposium.

More info here.

ERC: VisLab selected and awarded

[July 4, 2014]

Prof.Broggi’s 3DV ERC project (PoC, Proof of Concept) has been selected amongst the 178 ERC projects to be presented to possible investors. A recap of the day is available here.

At the end of the session, Prof. Broggi speech was awarded as the best presentation.


Prof. Broggi receiving the award.

Keynote at IEEE SIES 2014

[June 18, 2014]

Prof. Broggi to deliver a keynote speech at the 9th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems, Pisa, Italy 18-20 June 2014.

The title of the keynote is “Trends in Autonomous Driving Technology”.

More info here.

Keynote at IEEE Universal Village

[June 16, 2014]

Prof. Broggi delivered a keynote speech at IEEE Universal Village 2014.
More information here.


Dr. Ichiro Masaki and Prof. Alberto Broggi


Prof. Alberto Broggi presenting a plaque to Dr. Ichiro Masaki.


Prof. Broggi presenting the IV2014 t-shirt to Dr. Ichiro Masaki.


Prof. Alberto Broggi and Dr. Yajun Fang.

Keynote at CED-Conference

[June 12, 2014]

Prof. Broggi delivered a keynote speech at the CED-Conference.
Program and info here.

VisLab’s 3DV at IEEE ICRA

[June 2, 2014]

VisLab presented the 3DV stereo system at ICRA 2014 in Hong Kong at the ICRA Exhibition.


VisLab at Robobusiness Europe

[May 26, 2014]

Prof. Broggi presented VisLab’s activities in autonomous vehicles, with a special emphasis on agricultural vehicles, at Robobusiness Europe 2014, in the “INTELLIGENT AND ROBOTIC FARMING TRACK” on May 26, 2014. For more info, click here.

Robo Business Europe

VisLab awarded for innovation

[May 20, 2014]

For achievements in the development of new cutting-edge technologies, VisLab has been awarded the “Abramo Monari Innovation Prize” during the SPS IPC Drives Italia trade fair for industrial automation. Given to VisLab director Prof. Alberto Broggi by Donald Wich, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Italia, Sebastian Agnello, president of GISI and Massimo Russo, Wired Magazine director, the prize was credited to the VisLab Research Lab for the PROUD driverless car test held in Parma downtown July 2013. PROUD has been the first driverless car experiment carried out on public roads in real traffic conditions with no human intervention along the route.

Prize giving to Prof. Broggi

Prize-giving to Prof. Broggi.

Keynote at EMVA

[May 16, 2014]

On May 16, 2014, Prof. Broggi presented a keynote address at the European Machine Vision Association in Vienna.
The title of the presentation was “Autonomous Driving: is Vision the best sensor for autonomous vehicles?”

More info at: http://www.emva.org/cms/index.php?idart=1307


Drivers Behind Autonomous Vehicles

[Apr 8, 2014]

IEEE just published an interesting article mentioning the pioneers that have been working in the field of Autonomous Driving and that have also been elevated to the prestigious role of IEEE Fellow. Prof. Alberto Broggi is one of those. Interesting article. Can be read from here: http://theinstitute.ieee.org/people/achievements/the-drivers-behind-autonomous-vehicles

Webinar on 3DV stereo system

[Apr 2, 2014]

On April 2, 2014, AutonomouStuff hosted VisLab’s webinar on:

“3DV: A Tool for World Reconstruction through Artificial Vision”

The webinar was highly successful since more than 200 people registered for the event. It was a great
opportunity to learn the technical specifications and features of the 3DV, a stereoscopic vision system able to provide the full 3D reconstruction of the scene framed by its two embedded cameras. Thanks to VisLab’s proprietary algorithms developed throughout the years, 3DV is able to provide a dense 3D map of the surroundings (a 3D point cloud of up to 3 millions 3D points per second) in real time thus a quick interpretation of the environment detecting and tracking obstacles and estimating the terrain surface and slope.

For those of you who were not able to attend the webinar, we recorded it and made it available via our YouTube Channel:

Full webinar recording

3DV is available to power third parties robotics/vehicular/rover platforms and is easily integrated on existing systems.

The VisLab team, after the development of several prototypes throughout the last 20+ years, on March 31, 2014 presented a new prototype vehicle equipped with a unique sensor suite -heavily based on the 3DV product- able to cover a 360° view of the surroundings and featuring the complete integration of all its sensors in the chassis.

Our thanks to AutonomouStuff for hosting us.

Presentazione del nuovo veicolo prototipo

Parma, 31 marzo 2014
Centro Congressi S. Elisabetta
Campus Universitario – Università degli Studi di Parma
Parco Area delle Scienze 93, 43124 Parma


16:00 Saluto del Rettore dell’Università di Parma – Prof. Loris Borghi
Saluto da parte della Regione
Saluto da parte del DISS – Prof. Lorella Montrasio, Direttore DISS
16:20 Presentazione del prototipo e delle ricerche del VisLab nel campo della guida
automatica – Prof. Alberto Broggi
16:40 Presentazione della tecnologia del veicolo – Ing. Paolo Grisleri
17:00 Visita al prototipo DEEVA
17:30 Conclusione dell’evento


Il nuovo prototipo di veicolo a guida automatica sviluppato dal gruppo VisLab (Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Centro Interdipartimentale RFID&VIS-Labs, e spinoff universitario VisLab.it) e` dotato di capacita` sensoriali uniche. Il sistema di sensori, formato da più di 20 telecamere e 4 laser garantisce una copertura sensoriale estremamente precisa attorno a tutto il veicolo (a 360 gradi) pur essendo perfettamente integrato e rendendo i sensori invisibili. La scelta della tecnologia -basata su visione artificiale- consente di raggiungere i due principali obiettivi che permettono di considerare questo prototipo molto vicino ad un prodotto finale: il basso costo e l’alto livello di integrazione.
DEEVA segue e migliora il progetto del veicolo BRAiVE, realizzato dal VisLab nel 2009 e protagonista nel luglio 2013 del primo test al mondo di guida automatica in ambiente urbano aperto al traffico, senza nessuno al posto di guida. L’integrazione e’ infatti stata spinta ai massimi livelli, sia per l’esterno che per gli interni, e si e’ fatto uso massivo di telecamere stereo come sensori 3D, per il loro basso costo e le prestazioni molto promettenti.

Come raggiungere il Centro Congressi S. Elisabetta (numero 04 nella mappa):


Per ulteriori informazioni:
Email: info@vislab.it
Tel.: +39 0521 905738

Hanno contribuito a sviluppare questo progetto:


Presentation of DEEVA

[Mar 31, 2014]

The making of DEEVA – trailer

On March 31, 2014, DEEVA -the new driverless vehicle prototype designed and realized by VisLab- was presented to the media. DEEVA is a breakthrough in autonomous driving design since it integrates 20+ cameras and 4 laserscanners, while still looking like a normal vehicle.

The specific choice of using a sedan with open rooftop was particularly appreciated since it shows that VisLab’s technology can be installed on any vehicle (even a very complex vehicle like the one chosen for the basis of DEEVA) with absolutely no change in the external vehicle look and in its aesthetics.

Pictures of the event can be found here, while the presentation at the evening news at 8pm can be found here.

VisLab on the NY Daily News

[Jan 30, 2014]

A nice article about VisLab appeared on the NY Daily News (click here) presenting VisLab’s vision for future vehicles. Interview with Prof. Broggi and a few pics.

Interview in IEEE ITSS Podcast

[Jan 10, 2014]

VisLab’s experiments have been featured in the IEEE ITS Society Poscast run by Dr. Javier Sanchez Medina (Univ of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

The first episode features an interview about VIAC, the first intercontinental trip with autonomous vehicles, organized in 2010 by VisLab.

The second episode features an interview about PROUD, the first test where a driverless car drove in rural, highway, and urban
areas or roads open to public traffic and part of the test was performed with nobody behind the steering wheel.

Thanks to the IEEE ITS Society for featuring us.

VisLab on TG5 evening news

[Jan 7, 2014]

VisLab made it to the evening news on popular national channel ‘Canale5′; VisLab’s activities together with an interview with Prof. Alberto Broggi [in italian] were the focus of the presentation. Aired on Jan 7, 2014 at 8.20pm.

VisLab on TG5 evening news, aired by Canale5 on Jan 7, 2014.

VisLab featured on SuperQuark

[Jan 2, 2014]

On January 2, 2014, RaiUno national television aired a new episode of the SuperQuark scientific-divulgative series on human brain. This episode features VisLab and its BRAiVE autonomous vehicle. Popular anchorman Piero Angela had the chance to ride on BRAiVE, while driving autonomously, with nobody in the driver seat. Shooting was performed in Parma University Campus and downtown Parma, close to famous Teatro Regio.

A few pictures of the shooting are available here.

Superquark featuring VisLab, aired by RAIUno on Jan 2, 2014.

Keynote at OS5, Japan

[November 28, 2013]

Prof. Alberto Broggi delivered a keynote address at the “Worldwide Leaders Meeting on Global/Local Innovations for Next Generation Automobiles” in Sendai, Japan, on November 28, 2013.
The title of the talk is “VisLab’s latest Autonomous Driving challenges: from intercontinental to urban tests”.

VisLab featured on So Ein Ding

[Nov 26, 2013]

BRAiVE, VisLab’s premiere autonomous car, was featured in the danish ‘So Ein Ding‘ popular series. Famous anchorman Nokolaj Sonne rode on BRAiVE while driving in downtown Kolding, DK.

Please check the whole episode for the parts related to VisLab, and don’t miss the very end of the episode!

Danish ‘So Ein Ding’ episode featuring VisLab.

Please check further footage here:

Keynote at ICR2013, Israel

[November 20, 2013]

VisLab is going to present its activities and its vision at the Israeli Conference on Robotics (http://www.icr2013.org/) with a keynote on November 20, 2013. Pier Paolo Porta will deliver the keynote presentation entitled: “13,000 km, 3 months, no driver: from Parma, Italy, to Shanghai, China”, by
Alberto Broggi and Pier Paolo Porta.

Please check here: http://www.ariel.ac.il/sites/shiller/icr2013/guest-speakers.html

Keynote and demo in Denmark

[Nov 5, 2013]

VisLab presented BRAiVE and its results with a keynote at Geoforum, Kolding, Denmark, on November 5, 2013.
The keynote was delivered by Prof. Alberto Broggi in the morning, while in the afternoon BRAiVE drove autonomously in downtown Kolding. BRAiVE, VisLab’s most advanced prototype, was also showcased to the conference attendees and the public (about 750 people).

The uncut recording of the demo in Kolding: BRAiVE driving autonomously downtown.

Testing the demo in Kolding for the official demo (on the day after): BRAiVE driving autonomously downtown.

download press releases about the event

Keynote on PROUD, Las Vegas

[September 3, 2013]

Prof. Alberto Broggi delivered the opening plenary speech at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV, on September 3, 2013.
The talk addressed the latest challenge in automonous driving: PROUD Car Test 2013, namely the first autonomous urban driving in regular traffic in Italy, where the BRAiVE intelligent vehicle negotiated roundabouts, intersections, mergings, traffic lights,…

Prof. Broggi’s opening keynote address.

VisLab at Mecha-Tronika

[October 22, 2013]

VisLab is present at the Mecha-Tronica fair in Milan, displaying its innovative 3DV system for contactless 3D reconstruction in real time.
Here’s the picture of our stand.

Latest Autonomous Driving Challenge – PROUD 2013

[July 12, 2013]

VisLab organized a new unique experiment with their autonomous vehicles: downtown driving in regular traffic, negotiating traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, artificial bumps, roundabouts, and freeway mergings. It was a unique test and an extraordinary success!

Again VisLab wants to stay in the forefront of applied research and is showcasing its unique technological solutions with stunning experiments: PROUD Car Test 2013 (Public ROad Urban Driverless-Car Test 2013).

Inside VisLab driverless car during the experiment (with vehicle data).

Video ‘uncut’ of the whole experiment.

‘Uncut’ dual-view of the whole experiment.

Please check here for other videos of the experiment; more videos will be added soon.


VisLab at Michigan Robotics Day

[April 15, 2013]

Prof. Alberto Broggi was the special guest and delivered a technical keynote at the Michigan Robotics Day, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the presence of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.
The title of the talk is: “VisLab efforts in the field of perception for autonomous driving”.

VisLab at TurboBlogging

[April 11, 2013]

VisLab and the RFID&VIS-Labs research groups to be interviewed at TurboBlogging in Bologna where a race amongst 40 italian bloggers is taking place. Different bloggers are covering VisLab’s story on different media, hopefully inspired by VisLab’s achievements. Please check it online (and live) at: Turboblogging.it anr Altratv.tv

Plenary speech at IEEE ICNSC13

[April 11, 2013]

Prof. Alberto Broggi to deliver a plenary speech at IEEE ICNSC13,
IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control
, in Paris.
The title of the talk is: “Efficient Sensing for Autonomous Driving”.

VisLab at EU Coating Show

[Mar 19-21, 2013] VisLab is present at the European Coating Show (http://www.european-coatings-show.com/en/) in Nurnberg, Germany, supporting Zanelli (www.zanelli.com) with an autonomous indoor AGV.

VisLab at the EU Coating Show VisLab at the EU Coating Show.

VisLab on Swiss Radio

[Mar 7, 2013] Prof. Alberto Broggi interviewed by Swiss National Radio, RSI.

Audio Interview .

VisLab on stage at Rai News 24

[Jan 17, 2013] Prof. Alberto Broggi guest at RAINEWS24 on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

VisLab at VISION, Stuttgart (video)

[Nov 5-9, 2012] VisLab was at VISION, Stuttgart, from Nov 5 to 9, 2012. VisLab showcases the BRAiVE autonomous vehicle, MYXTRY, and other stereo-based applications.

Please check this interview with Dr. Paolo Grisleri about BRAiVE.

Keynote speech at ITST2012

[Nov 5, 2012] Invited talk at ITST2012 by Prof. Alberto Broggi: Driverless vehicles: challenges and future ITST 2012, Tapiei, Taiwan, Nov 5, 2012. link: http://www.itst2012.org/Data/ALBERTO_Broggi.pdf

VisLab at ROBOTICA, Milan

[Nov 7-9, 2012] VisLab will present its products at the ROBOTICA fair  in Milano from Nov 7 to Nov 9, 2012.

Invited talk at SAE Convergence

[Oct 17, 2012] Invited talk at SAE Convergence by Prof. Alberto Broggi: Latest Challenges in Autonomous Vehicles: A Practitioner’s Perspective, SAE Convergence 2012, Detroit, MI, USA, Oct 17, 2012

VisLab at the ITS World Congress

[Oct 22-26, 2012] VisLab presented the results of the 2WideSense EU Project during the ITS World Congress from Oct 22 to Oct 26, 2012, in Vienna, Austria.

VisLab at SMAU, Milan

[Oct 17-19, 2012] VisLab to present its research results and products at SMAU, Milan, from Oct 17-19, 2012.

Invited talk at IROS 2012 – PPNIV

[Oct 7, 2012] Invited talk given by Dr. Paolo Grisleri at PPNIV worksop: Thoughts on Perception for Intelligent Vehicles, PPNIV Workshop, IEEE IROS 2012, Algarve, Portugal, Oct 7, 2012

Plenary talk at GITSS 2012

[Aug 9, 2012] Plenary talk by Prof. Alberto Broggi at GITSS 2012: Experiments on Autonomous Driving and the BRAiVE Vehicle, GITSS 2012, Lanzhou China, Aug 9, 2012

Invited talk at TRB 2012

Invited talk by Prof. Alberto Broggi at TRB: Thoughts on Perception for Intelligent Vehicles, TRB meeting 2012, Irvine, CA, USA, July 25, 2012

Plenary talk at FSR 2012

Plenary talk by Prof. Alberto Broggi at FSR 2012: Thoughts on Fully Autonomous Vehicles, IEEE FSR 2012, Matsushima, Japan, July 19, 2012

Plenary talk at VTI 2012

Plenary talk by Prof. Alberto Broggi at VTI 2012: Towards Full Vehicle Automation, IEEE VTI 2012, Changchun, China, July 17, 2012

Plenary talk at VIII Semantron 2012

Plenary talk by Prof. Alberto Broggi at VIII Semantron: Intelligent Vehicles: past, present, and future trends, VIII Semantron, San Carlos, Brasil, May 17, 2012

Plenary talk at ‘Inaugurazione Anno Accademico’

Prolusione di inizio Anno Accademico by Prof. Alberto Broggi: Visione Artificiale e Veicoli Intelligenti, Jan 20, 2012

Invited talk at TEDx in Bologna

Iinvited talk at TEDx 2011 in Bologna by Prof. Alberto Broggi: Sulle Orme di Marco Polo, Oct 15, 2011.

Plenary talk at ION GNSS 2011

Plenary talk delivered by Dr. Pier Paolo Porta at ION GNSS 2011: The Intercontinental Autonomous Drive from Parma to Shanghai, ION GNSS 2011, Portland, OR, USA, Sept 20, 2011

Invited talk at ITS Summit 2011

Invited talk by Prof. Alberto Broggi at the ITS Summit: From Italy to China, Driverless! ITS Summit, Gold Coast, Australia, Sept 21, 2011

Plenary talk at IEEE MESA 2011

Plenary talk at IEEE MESA 2011 by Prof. Alberto Broggi: From Italy to China, Driverless! 7th Int’l ASME/IEEE Conf on Mechatronics, Embedded Systems & Applications, Washington, DC, USA, Aug 29, 2011

Plenary talk at IEEE CASE 2011

Plenary talk by Prof. Albeto Broggi at IEEE CASE 2011: An extreme test for autonomous driving systems, IEEE Conf on Automation Science and Engineering 2011, Trieste, Italy, Aug 27, 2011

Plenary talk at ICCPT 2011

Plenary talk by Prof. Alberto Broggi at ICCTP: The Longest Ever Test for Driverless Vehicles, 7th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals, ASCE, Nanjing, China, Aug 17, 2011

Plenary talk at ITS Russian Congress 2011

Plenary talk at the 3rd ITS Russian Congress by Prof. Alberto Broggi: The VIAC experiment, 3rd Int’l Congress on ITS, St.Petersburg, Russia, May 17, 2011.

Plenary talk at IEEE ICRA 2011

Plenary talk at IEEE ICRA 2011 by Prof. Alberto Broggi: Paving the Road to Autonomous Driving: a New Challenge in Vehicular Robotics, IEEE Int’l Conference on Robotics and Automation, Shanghai, China, May 10, 2011

Plenary talk at IEEE ITSC 2011

Plenary talk at IEEE ITSC 2011 by Prof. Alberto Broggi: A New Extreme Challenge for Autonomous Vehicles, IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2010, Madeira, Portugal, Sept 21, 2010

Plenary talk at IFAC IAV 2010

Plenary talk at IFAC IAV 2010 by Prof. Alberto Broggi: Steps Towards Full Automation of Road Vehicles, 7th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 2010, Lecce, Italy, Sept 6, 2010

Plenary talk at UVW 2010

Plenary talk at UVW 2010 by Prof. Alberto Broggi: An extensive unmanned driving test in real conditions, Int’l Unmanned Vehicles Workshop UVW 2010, Istanbul, Turkey, June 10, 2010

Plenary talk at IEEE IV 2009

Plenary talk at IEEE IV 2009 by Prof. Alberto Broggi: High Levels Of Automation In Next Generation Vehicles, IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symp 2009, Xi’an, China, June 3, 2009

Plenary talk at IEEE IROS 2008 PPNIV

Plenary talk at IEEE IROS 2008 PPNIV by Prof. Alberto Broggi: Towards the Perfect Pedestrian Detection System? IEEE IROS 2008 workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles, Nice, France, Sept 26, 2008