From the experience acquired applying artificial vision to the autonomous vehicle field, VisLab is an effective solution provider for surveillance systems.
People counters, multi camera surveillance systems triggered by events, door controllers, traffic monitoring are some of the products we can offer with an high customization level together with calibration and maintenance.
Product development support for both outdoor and indoor systems, supplying the development tools as well as consultancy and 3rd part development are the services we offer to our potential customers.


The experience accumulated in the autonomous vehicle field give us a strong background for building surveillance products and custom solutions.
Our experience covers the detection of targets on moving backgrounds, such as trees or waves in marine environment, including the detection of targets on slowly moving backgrounds such as roads or trafficated areas. We have developed systems based on one camera for traffic monitoring, on motorways, and on water areas traversed by boats. Our systems are capable to cope with strongly variable outdoor illumination due to weather changes.

Our experience also covers people tracking and counting. This is especially useful for malls, airports, and where it is important to monitor people flows or when it is necessary to detect automatically unwanted behaviors, such as people going in the wrong direction or occupying a prohibited area.

Our knowledge is mainly focused on the target detections and perception related problems, but we also have the capability of interfacing our systems with existing software such as databases, for connecting the existing infrastructure with the new sensors we offer.