• 3DV-E Stereo System

    VisLab 3DV-E is a low-cost and low-power dense stereo reconstruction system, running at 25 fps at VGA resolution.The processing is based on an improved version of the state-of-the art SGM algorithm to produce a dense disparity image.
    The FPGA technology and the dual-core ARM CPU run 3D point cloud generation algorithms that generally require a PC-based platform.

  • 3DV-A Stereo System

    3DV is a stereoscopic system (a single box containing two cameras) able to provide full 3D reconstruction of the scene framed by both cameras. Thanks to VisLab’s proprietary algorithms developed throughout the years, 3DV is able to provide a first interpretation of the environment, detecting and tracking obstacles and estimating terrain surface, slope, and vehicle pose with respect to the terrain.


    The MYXTRY (short for ‘My Extra Eye’) system is designed to detect moving targets within sensible areas. The system can be applied to a wide range of scenarios like boat, people, or traffic monitoring and it is highly customizable depending on the final customer needs. Please check the official website.