PhD Honoris Causa to Prof.Broggi

Honorary Doctorate
awarded in France to Prof. Alberto Broggi

The prestigious award for lifetime achievement by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Prof. Alberto Broggi, full professor with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Parma and CEO of VisLab srl, received the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Honoris Causa during an important ceremony on April 3, 2015 at INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) in Rouen, France. The Doctorate Honoris Causa is awarded by an institution of higher education to researchers who have distinguished themselves during their career. For the uniqueness of the academic and research topics related to those in which is involved the famous French research institute, INSA has decided to award this honor to Prof. Broggi. Prof. Broggi’s long and thorough research, mainly focused on the application of computer vision in the field of intelligent vehicles, profoundly influenced the field of vehicular robotics worldwide and helped to define a number of milestones in autonomous driving internationally recognized by the scientific community.

Some basic techniques for the interpretation of the vehicle surrounding environment have been developed and demonstrated in real cases: the first test in the world (2000 km on Italian motorways) in semi-automatic mode with off-the-shelf and low cost components in 1998, the successful participation in the DARPA Challenges together with the most renowned research groups in the world, the first ever test of intercontinental autonomous driving (from Parma, Italy, to Shanghai, China, from July to October 2010), and finally the first test of autonomous driving in open traffic in urban environment in July 2013 with nobody in the driver seat.

Since 1998 Prof. Broggi has been ‘visiting professor' for many times at INSA in Rouen, where he participated in the research as advisor and lecturer. The title of PhD Honoris Causa, conferred by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rewards and highlights the work, career, and emphasizes the personal involvement of Prof. Broggi in applied research conducted together with the LITIS laboratory ( at INSA in Rouen. Held as part of INSA 30th anniversary celebrations with the Regional Council for Higher Education Mr. Yves Léonard and the Mayor of Rouen Mr. Yvon Robert participation, the doctorates conferment ceremony has been one of its main events.


Prof. A.Bensrhair with Prof A.Broggi

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