Factory automation is one of the key fields where VisLab’s experience in building robust and flexible systems is successfully applied. This includes gearing autonomous vehicles moving inside the factory, as well as custom solutions for automated storage. VisLab’s systems are mainly vision based but some of them also include additional technologies such as laserscanners.

VisLab 3DV-A and 3DV-E systems are successfully applied in the industrial field for the automation of gates and doors in buildings, the development of innovative safety systems for dangerous machinery, the automation of AGVs indoor, and people counting systems.


2014: VisLab at Vision, Stuttgart

From Nov 4th to 6th, 2014, VisLab was at VISION fair in Stuttgart, showcasing its new real-time embedded stereo camera system, 3DV-E, and Deeva autonomous vehicle.

2014: 3DV-E ready for preorders

2014: Webinar on 3DV-A stereo system

2012: ERC PoC

Prof. Broggi receives a second grant from the European Research Council. This Proof of Concept grant is aimed at developing a 3D embedded vision system to be employed on all VisLab application fields, in an industrial grade form.

Video Samples

Example of AGV precise autonomous maneuvers.

3D reconstruction for lift and gates occupancy applications.

Obstacle detection and people counter for bus applications.

Industrial Highlights