Terramax at the DARPA Urban Challenge

VisLab was one of the partner of Team TerraMax, together with Oshkosh Truck Corporation (Wisconsin, USA), Teledyne (California, USA), IBEO (Germany), and Auburn University (Alamaba, USA). 2006, October 2: DARPA gave 1 million dollars as a grant to the research activities. 2007, August 9: DARPA selected TerraMax team, together with other 35 teams to participate to qualification (NQE) an then to the final competition in Victorville, California. Only 11 vehicles, including TerraMax, were admitted to the final. Unfortunately after a 90 minutes of good autonomous driving, TerraMax vehicle suffered from a problem to a PC, and the team was forced to remove the vehicle from the course. VisLab developed a complex vision system based on 11 cameras, capable of monitoring all around the truck, and composed by:
  • a trinocular system to detect far, medium distance and close obstacles, and to detect lines on the ground
  • two stereo system (one in the front and one in the back) to detect very close obstacles and lane markings
  • two lateral cameras to detect road crosses and lateral obstacles
  • two rear-watching cameras to detect obtacles and lanes.
Have a look to this video of the Site Visit. Please check the video summarizing the whole effort: