Presentation of DEEVA

The making of DEEVA - trailer

On March 31, 2014, DEEVA -the new driverless vehicle prototype designed and realized by VisLab- was presented to the media. DEEVA is a breakthrough in autonomous driving design since it integrates 20+ cameras and 4 laserscanners, while still looking like a normal vehicle.
The specific choice of using a sedan with open rooftop was particularly appreciated since it shows that VisLab's technology can be installed on any vehicle (even a very complex vehicle like the one chosen for the basis of DEEVA) with absolutely no change in the external vehicle look and in its aesthetics.

Pictures of the event can be found here, while the presentation at the evening news at 8pm can be found here.

The presentation to the media followed this agenda: Agenda:
16:00 h. Welcome from the University of Parma Rector - Prof. Loris Borghi
Greeting from the Emilia-Romagna Region - Dr. Silvano Bertini
Greeting from DISS Director - Prof. Lorella Montrasio
16:20 h. The new vehicle prototype: VisLab's vision in autonomous driving - Prof. Alberto Broggi
16:40 h. Vehicle Technology Presentation - Dr.Eng. Paolo Grisleri
17:00 h. Vehicle tour
17:30 h. Conclusion


DEEVA is equipped with fully integrated sensors (more than 20 cameras, 4 lasers, GPS, IMU); the vehicle is able to cover a very detailed 360° view of the surroundings.
The use of a technology based on artificial vision allows to achieve two main objectives, therefore making it possible to consider this concept car as very close to a final product: low cost and high integration level. DEEVA is heavily based on the VisLab's 3DV stereovision technology, which VisLab also provides to third parties to power their sensing systems and robots.

This vehicle follows and improves the BRAiVE vehicle project: presented by VisLab in 2009 at the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symp in Xi'An (China), in July 2013 BRAiVE drove in a totally autonomous mode -with no driver- in an urban environment together with real traffic completing the first auto-driving test of the kind in the world (please visit PROUD 2013 driving test page for more details). For further information please contact:
Tel.: +39 0521 905738

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