VisLab partnered with major institutional and private players to deliver advanced environment understanding capabilities through the use of both active and passive sensing technologies. VisLab’s expertise include the creation and of multispectral imaging systems for all-weather pedestrian detection, robust computer vision based scene mapping for autonomous vehicles and surveillance platforms.


In the last 15+ years, VisLab developed its expertise thanks to projects with TACOM – TARDEC and the partnership with Oshkosh Truck Corp. to participate in the DARPA Challenges.  Special care was dedicated to the perception of extreme environments like off-road and extreme conditions such as dust, rain, and snow.  The systems fielded in the DARPA Challenges were specifically ruggedized to handle also defense applications.

This video shows the TerraMax vehicle equipped with VisLab’s perception system.

Other autonomous vehicle platforms are being developed now with other partners, whose names are currently confidential.


2007: DARPA Urban Challenge

VisLab partecipated in the DARPA Urban Challenge 2007.
VisLab was one of the partner of TerraMax team with Oshkosh Truck Corporation (Wisconsin, USA) , Teledyne (California, USA), IBEO (Germany), and Auburn University (Alamaba, USA). TerraMax was qualified and run the race in Victorville, CA.

2005: VisLab at the Pentagon

Thanks to the
outstanding results obtained at the DARPA Grand
Challenge, in December 2005 VisLab presented the
results of its activities at the Pentagon, in
Washington, DC, USA.

2005: DARPA Grand Challenge

The TerraMax vehicle safely concluded the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge: it left on October 8, 2005, at about 9.00 am and reached the finish line on October 9, 2005, at about noon, after more than 220 km driven in full autonomy and more than 32 hours of continuous operation. It spent the night out in the desert, alone, and with all its sensors and engine up and running.

2001-2009: Human Shape Localization

Funded by TARDEC – TACOM, Warren, Michigan. Human shape localization with far infrared, visible cameras; monocular, stereo, and tetravision (4 cameras: 2 stereo systems, one FIR and one visible).



GDRS test vehicle with pedestrian avoidance capabilities

TerraMax, version used for the DARPA Urban Challenge in 2007

HMMWV with stereo vision installed

Oshkosh PLS autonomous vehicle

TerraMax, version used for the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2005

TerraMax, version used for the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004

Copy of TerraMax (DARPA Grand Challenge 2005) used for tests

Defense Highlights