VisLab has been involved in a large number of projects requiring the automation of operations on vehicles, and the developed expertise has been also employed to target extreme conditions and extreme environments. Automating agricultural operations is one of the fields in which VisLab’s sensing technology is playing a role of paramount importance. Examples are: precisely localizing a tractor trailer, estimating how full a trailer is and where on the trailer to dump material, determining where crops are uncut to autonomously drive the combine.


Some prototypes have been developed, demonstrating how vision technologies may change the way in which agricultural operations are currently handled.
The following picture shows a camera installation used to monitor the quantity of material in the trailer.

The following video shows some internal details about the performance of the monocular system.

The whole picture showing operations in the field is depicted in the following photo, which shows the trailer and the combine equipped with two VisLab vision systems.

The two stereoscopic systems installed on the combine are clearly visible in the top image thet we used to illustrate our agricultural department (see the picture on top this of this page).

Other systems are currently being developed but they are pending approval before we can disclose pictures and descriptions.

Agricultural Highlights